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The Railway Children
The Railway Children

by E Nesbit adapted for the stage by Mike Kenny
Directed by Susanna Hook

9th to 11th April 2020

adapted for the stage by Mike Kenny


Thursday 9th - Saturday 11th April 2020.


September 22nd following two intro weeks. Audition forms and scripts provided in September.


GWT Youth Group sessions run from September to April 10am—1pm on Sundays.

Fees are £20 for the entirety of the 7 months plus a £5 GWT Membership fee. 

Please note there is a waiting list. For questions, please contact Youth Group Leader Susanna Hook (Suze) 

Email: | Mobile: 07715558749 | Follow us on Twitter: @GWTYouth


'This glorious adaptation... profoundly moving... it never for a moment runs out of steam’ Guardian

Come aboard for Mike Kenny’s beautiful adaptation of this classic tale, steeped in nostalgia and charm. “The Railway Children” tells the story of Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis, whose lives change drastically when their father is taken away. They move from a lavish townhouse to a cottage in rural Yorkshire where they befriend the local railway porter and embark on a journey of friendship and adventure, even when all seems lost. 

This uplifting and timeless story has 6 large roles, 6 medium roles and 8 small roles with plenty of heartwarming ensemble work. The 3 children have the largest roles and will need to seamlessly switch between narration and action in telling the story.

Being a part of the youth group builds confidence and is tremendous fun! This production provides ample opportunity to further hone your skills, develop your storytelling and characterisation amidst a beautifully atmospheric set. 


The play is written in such a way that it can be staged simply (picket fences, table, chairs, railway signs) with the dramatic moments created by sound effects, lighting and smoke machines. However, we have the perfect opportunity for the inclusion of a train and railway track on stage which would really add to the nostalgia. I will be looking for an ambitious Set Designer to make this happen!


Victorian/Edwardian costumes, specifically 1900-1920 in England. The leading roles will only require coats and hats for changes between scenes. The ensemble will need to have various costumes for Maids, railway staff and crowds.










Mrs Viney


Mrs Perks

The Perks Children

Old Gentleman

Mr Szezcpansky 

District Superintendent

Worker 1

Worker 2




Bobbie (Roberta)

‘Mothers never have favourites, but if their Mother had had a favourite, it might have been Roberta.’

12 years old. A thoughtful and caring girl who is always eager to help others and consistently stands up for what is morally right. She puts other people’s needs above her own, including her Mother’s. Bobbie ensures Peter and Phyllis don’t remind her of Father’s absence, protecting them in turn about the truth behind his disappearance.

P.33 “But then came the dreadful night” - P.34 “Run along home”

P.39 “So, in the end, when mother” - P.40 “never ask strangers to give you things”

P.53 “We need something red” - P.54 “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

P.64 “Do you remember” - P.65 “I wonder if Father will think I’ve grown.”


‘wished to be an Engineer when he grew up.’

10 years old. A playful boy, sometimes mischievous, he enjoys playing tricks on people but doesn’t always think of the consequences. Despite disagreeing with his sisters about most things, Peter is ultimately a sensitive boy who is very protective of his family. In his Father’s absence, he is the only male in the household and takes this responsibility very seriously.

See Bobbie’s audition scenes.


‘the youngest was Phyllis, who meant extremely well.’

8 years old. A loving and trusting girl who looks up to Bobbie and Peter, copying their behaviour and attempting to act older than she really is. She struggles being the youngest and gets frustrated when she feels she isn’t heard, often repeating herself. Consequently Phyllis often speaks before she thinks, confusing even herself!

See Bobbie’s audition scenes.


Devoted to her children and enjoys playing with them, reading to them and writing stories and poems to commemorate their birthdays and special occasions. In Father’s absence, Mother has to take responsibility for running the household and providing an income, which she does through writing. Despite many hardships and personal sacrifices, Mother adapts herself and the children to a poverty without complaint or bitterness. She is the true heroine of the story.

Requires: needs to speak some French

P.39 “So, in the end, when mother” - P.40 “never ask strangers to give you things”

P.64 “Do you remember” - P.65 “I wonder if Father will think I’ve grown.”


The porter at the Station and the first person the family meet in Yorkshire. Devoted to his wife and children, Perks is a proud man who won’t accept any acts of charity, preferring to provide for himself and his family. He befriends Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis and Mother, becoming very fond of them, and helps the family whenever he can.

Requires: Yorkshire accent

P.33 “But then came the dreadful night” - P.34 “Run along home”

 Old Gentleman

A mysterious, kind stranger. We never learn his name or what he does in the play but he is clearly an important man with considerable influence in social circles. He is responsible for Mother’s recovery from illness and reunites the Szezcpansky family. A Good Samaritan, with a kind and generous nature who uses his power to help others.

Requires: needs to speak some French

P.64 “Do you remember” - P.65 “I wonder if Father will think I’ve grown.”


Excluding the following, rehearsals are every Sunday 10-1 from September through to April. A full rehearsal schedule is provided in September.

22nd March Run with Notes 10am - 5pm

29th March Run on Stage with Notes 10am - 5pm

30th March Evening Rehearsal on Stage 6pm - 8.30pm

1st April Evening Rehearsal on Stage 6pm - 8.30pm

3rd April Evening Rehearsal on Stage 6pm - 8.30pm

5th April DOUBLE TECH RUN 10am - 5.30pm

6th April Tech Run 6.30pm - 10.15pm q

8th April Dress Run 6.30pm - 10.15pm 

9th April PERFORMANCE 6.30pm - 10.15pm

10th April PERFORMANCE 6.30pm - 10.15pm

11th April PERFORMANCE 6.30pm - 10.15pm

Please note that the production runs over Easter Weekend.

Thu 9th AprFri 10th AprSat 11th Apr
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