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The Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre
Box Office: 01322 526390

President: Sir Michael Gambon          Postcode for Sat Nav: DA1 4NP
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Production History
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Fancy FreeFancy Free
by Stanley Houghton
2nd October 1952
by Stanley Houghton
2nd October 1952
The Devils DiscipleThe Devils Disciple
by George Bernard Shaw
12th to 15th November 1952
Androcles And The LionAndrocles And The Lion
by George Bernard Shaw
Captain CarvalloCaptain Carvallo
by Denis Cannan
21st to 24th January 1953
The Eye Of The BeholderThree One-Act Plays
The Eye Of The Beholder

by Cyril Grainger
25th to 28th February 1953
Press CuttingsThree One-Act Plays
Press Cuttings

by George Bernard Shaw
25th to 28th February 1953
Hyacinth HalveyThree One-Act Plays
Hyacinth Halvey

by Lady Gregory
25th to 28th February 1953
by William Shakespeare
15th to 18th April 1953
Sailors BewareSailors Beware
by R F Delderfield
17th June 1953
Beauty SpotBeauty Spot
by Ivor Brown
1st July 1953
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