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The Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre
Box Office: 01322 526390

President: Sir Michael Gambon          Postcode for Sat Nav: DA1 4NP
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Production History
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Privates On ParadePrivates On Parade
by Peter Nichols
10th to 17th October 1987
Agnes Of GodAgnes Of God
by John Pielmeier
7th to 14th November 1987
Barefoot In The ParkBarefoot In The Park
by Neil Simon
5th to 12th December 1987
A Voyage Round My FatherA Voyage Round My Father
by John Mortimer
16th to 23rd January 1988
by Anthony Shaffer
13th to 20th February 1988
by Henrik Ibsen
12th to 19th March 1988
The Hollow CrownThe Hollow Crown
by John Barton (from William Shakespeare)
20th March 1988
The Kings MareThe Kings Mare
by Jean Canolle and Anita Loos
9th to 16th April 1988
The Anastasia FileThe Anastasia File
by Royce Ryton
7th to 14th May 1988
The Comedy Of ErrorsThe Comedy Of Errors
by William Shakespeare
4th to 11th June 1988
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