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The Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre
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President: Sir Michael Gambon          Postcode for Sat Nav: DA1 4NP
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How We Operate
For information on the GWT Management Committees

Who are the GWT Trustees?
They are the Board of Directors of the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre Limited, which is a charity. A list of the current Trustees is printed in the programme for each production.

What are they there for?
The Trustees are there to ensure that the charity's objectives are met, namely, in the words of our Constitution:

  • To establish maintain and conduct a Theatre in Crayford, Kent and surrounding district to encourage the study and practice of Dramatic Art among inhabitants of SE London and NW Kent and elsewhere.
  • To promote and conduct such theatrical performances, lectures, concerts and other educational enterprises as may tend to the attainment of this objective.
  • To acquire or erect and equip premises suitable thereof and to adapt, alter, add to or rebuild any existing premises for the purpose of the Association.
  • To establish and manage catering and refreshment facilities including the sale of intoxicating liquors to those attending theatre events.

The Trustees carry the final responsibility for the proper and efficient management of the theatre.

What powers do they have?

  • Operate bank accounts on behalf of the Charity.
  • Raise funds, invite and receive contributions for the Charity.
  • Acquire, improve, alter or dispose of property.
  • Employ staff as are necessary.
  • Establish and support a supporters club
  • Co-operate with other charities, voluntary bodies and statutory authorities
  • Do all such lawful things as are necessary for the achievement of the Charity's objectives.

How do they fulfil their role?
Important management tasks are delegated to the two permanent committees, the Drama Committee, which selects the plays we present, and appoints directors for the plays, and the Club Committee, which is responsible for the day-to-day running of the theatre. All proceedings of these committees are reported regularly to the Trustees.

How are Trustees appointed?
Trustees are appointed from those who are members of the Charity, (i.e. the Limited Company). Any member of the Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre Club, of at least two years' standing, may apply for membership of the Company. Each member undertakes to contribute £5 to the Charity's assets if it should be wound up. Any Company members may offer themselves as Trustees. The maximum number of Trustees is nine. At every AGM the three longest serving Trustees retire by rotation, but are eligible to offer themselves for re-election. Trustees are expected to take their responsibilities seriously and may be removed from office for reasons detailed in the Constitution, including failure to attend without permission all Trustees' meetings in any six month period.

What do they do?
Trustees meet once a month. They receive oral or written reports from the Drama and Club Committees and ask questions. They check the theatre's finances every month and make decisions about major capital expenditure and/or where best to invest the theatre's money. They are accountable to the Charity Commission for ensuring that there is public benefit from the activities of the charity.

How do the Trustees report to the Company members?
The Trustees produce an annual written report which is sent out to all Company members. The work of the Trustees is reported and discussed at their AGM which takes place each year, just before the AGMs of the Club and Drama Committees. Audited accounts are also presented at the Company AGM

Where can I find out more?
Full details of how the Company and the trustees operate are set out in the 'Memorandum of Association of Geoffrey Whitworth Theatre Limited' a copy of which is available from the Secretary to the Trustees at the Theatre.